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Welcome to the new Nafsgreen website

Back in 2010 we have created the first Greek Shipping Web Portal providing daily news, articles, videos, etc to the global shipping community,

along with a daily newsletter circulated for free to thousands of subscribers worldwide.

Since then we have issued more than 25,000 news, 1000 videos, and 500 interviews. We have changed from scratch the visual part of our website 4 times since 2010. Things are running fast. This happened not just for the eye. There are a lot of issues  in the web that one must solve for security purposes mainly.

Now in 2017 we have made a tremendous change in the appearance of
We are proud because we have used the latest technology - probably Nafsgreen is among the first websites in Greece - which is called Pagekit. Pagekit is an Open Source project founded by YOOtheme. It incorporates all latest technology which is really ahead of its time.
We want to provide our services to the marine industry having in mind the moto “Safety First”.

This is why we invest continuously in new technologies. We believe that the future of Shipping is digital. We believed that many years ago and things seem to go that way. We will continue to provide information both in traditional and digital way. The first one is easy to be done. The second needs to invest to new technologies. But the most important part is that we invest to people. We are a  strong team which is dedicated to our work. We take Shipping very seriously. And we will continue to do so.

I would like to thank the Nafsgreen team for its dedication and support. I would like to thank all those companies worldwide that trusted and still trust our services all those years. We will continue to provide information for the Shipping industry for the years to come. And we will do it the right way. By investing to people and new technologies in a secure web environment. Happy new 2017.

Best regards
Nikos K. Doukas

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