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Kashif Javaid*: OceanSaver is prepared to assist owners with turn-key solution

As the first electrochlorination ballast water treatment system to obtain final USCG type approval certificate in December 2016, OceanSaver is able to offer peace of mind to ship owners by providing a BWTS in full compliance with both US Coast Guard and IMO standards. 

Oceansaver MKII BWTS is a side stream system with screen type 40 μm filters,  utilizing a patented Electrodialysis process with cell membrane with low oxidant and safest DNV-GL approvad H2 management.

The USCG testing has been carried out with OceanSaver existing MKII system (IMO type approved in 2011) without significant modifications, proving the efficiency and reliability of the design.  Overall the MKII system has been through more than 60 tests over the past years as part of development of the system, class certification, IMO- and USCG approval processes. 

OceanSaver has obtained USCG type approval with no restriction regarding holding time, temperature, flow-rate and water quality. The operation of the system will not affect and interrupt the vessel trade or cargo operation. Power consumption still remains the same as the IMO type approved system.

As part of R & D, the USCG type approved system has further introduced new feature in order to eliminate any potential risks for operators. Homogenous mixing of oxidant and neutralization, compact layout of injection and sampling points to reduce installation cost and increased robustness are few of the new features. 

The benefits of OceanSaver membrane cell electrodialytic technology continuous to provide unique benefits in terms of safety, low TRO level, self-adjusted oxidant generation, and compliance. In addition, lowest operational cost and consumables are, amongst others, the key benefits of the system. 

The operational flexibility of MKII BWT system ensures uninterrupted ballast/ deballast operations. Provisions of gravity de-ballasting, intermediate stop function, sea-to-sea ballasting, filter recovery function, in-built redundancy in system, optimized power consumption and automatic control of processes are some of the added-value functions that are intended for operational flexibilities to ship crew. 

With IMO convention ratification as well as USCG strict policy on further extensions, there is an increased demand in enquiries for BWTS retrofitting.  OceanSaver is prepared to assist owners with turn-key solution including interface equipment, design & engineering package, class approval package as well as financing of retrofit projects through Norwegian Government financing institutions at attractive interest rate options. At the same time it is also recommended that owners initiate retrofitting projects 8-10 months prior of expected DD ensuring smooth project handling.

OceanSaver is determined to provide quality services to Greek market through our local partners. We are proud to announce delivery of first USCG type approved systems to esteemed Greek owners during summer 2017.

*Sales Manager Oceansaver

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