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Anastasios Maraslis*: What you MUST know in case of an accident or emergency with your yacht

Yachting, whether motor or sailing, should be a pleasant activity at sea, however too often unforeseen reasons turn a past time activity into an adventure or into a nightmare.

Being prepared most of the times is the best strategy to meet the unexpected effectively and controlling state.

Let's see what you should have in place at all times to avoid any problems with the authorities or your insurance underwriters in case of an accident or claim.

According to the size, type and flag of your vessel, all registration and safety documents should be kept up-to-date even whilst laid up.
The most essential documents are :

-               Certificate of Registry.
-               Certificate of Tonnage and Measurement.
-               Radio Certificate.
-               Certificate of General Inspection.
-               Fire Fighting Appliances Certificate.
-               Liferaft Certificate.
-               Classification Society Certificate (if applicable).
-               Navigation Lights Certificate.
-               Siren Certificate.

You are reminded that prior to departure you must obtain Sailing Approval and/or Clearance from the Port or Harbour Authorities.
Your arrival or return must also be logged by the Authorities. A brief log should be kept for record purposes.


Your boat must be properly moored or berthed in an approved permanent location. Your permanent berth should be advised to Insurers and if you change it you should then notify Insurers immediately.


-               Do not leave a port without obtaining the weather forecast.
-               Always keep on board the Authorities approved number of crew members.
-               Always follow the national and international regulations and those of International Convention for the safety of life at Sea (1974).
-               Do not sail and/or leave any port of call when authorities have issued relevant warnings.
-               Use at all times your admiralty maps which must be kept updated.
-               In case of weather deterioration whilst in port, Marina and/or at anchorage do not abandon your vessel until the weather improves.


YOU MUST: Inform Insurers immediately, but not later than 24 hours after the incident.

YOU MUST: Inform the nearest Port Police Office or if at sea the Port  Police at your port of arrival. They will log the incident
and give you a copy of the entry, which is required by Insurers.

YOU MUST: Prepare a statement for Insurers headed - Master’s Report. This statement should be endorsed with the
stamp of the nearest Port Police Office.

YOU MUST NOT: Authorise any repairs or open-up damaged machinery without consulting the Insurer’s Surveyor. YOU MUST
give the Insurer’s Surveyor the opportunity to inspect any damage in order to ascertain the nature, extent and cause. You should not authorize any repairs or dismantling of damaged machinery without consulting the insurer’s surveyor except in case of emergency.
In such cases you should retain all damaged parts. The Surveyor will expect you to obtain written repair estimates from a list of designated repairers.

REPAIR APPROVAL : Repairs should not commence until an estimate has been approved by Insurer’s Surveyor otherwise you may
not recover the full cost of repairs.

This type of insurance has many particularities and needs special handling.

If the yacht was on charter when the casualty occurred, you must obtain a statement from the Master, as per the above instructions, with a Passengers and Crew list including addresses and telephone numbers together with a copy of the Charter Party endorsed by the Port Police.


- Do not abandon your vessel; it is possible that she could cause accidents to other vessels. It is understood that you only have to abandon the yacht when the lives of passengers, crew and yourself are in real danger.
- You must carry out all necessary steps to protect your property before abandoning the vessel.
- Do not accept any salvage services from any other vessel prior to agreeing the award with her Master.
- Under no circumstances should you sign any document, salvage agreement and/or NO CURE NO PAY form, without the consent and/or knowledge of the Insurers.

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