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Ioannis Smyrneos* & Rolf Bosma*: ABB Turbocharging -100+ service stations & 1,200 skilled people at your service

Interview with Ioannis Smyrneos, Local Business Unit Manager  ABB Turbocharging, Greece & Cyprus - Process Automation & Rolf Bosma, Head of Service Sales ABB Turbocharging, Switzerland

P.Doukas: An independent study for ABB Turbocharging found that 87% of organizations work only or mostly with original equipment manufacturers for maintenance support and spare parts procurement. Why is that so important?

J.Smyrneos: This is very important because the dimensional accuracy of turbocharger components is very critical in order to attain thermodynamic and aerodynamic efficiency. By installing Original Parts on turbochargers then you can guarantee a hazard free operation. The study gives the signal that we are looking on the same direction and we receive this information as a value for our customers.

P.Doukas: Speaking about turbocharging, could you please explain how your global network including over 100 service stations with no third parties works?

R.Bosma: It is a concept where we want to have local presence in the market. Our customers in Greece, for instance, know local ABB Turbocharging very well, and if they have a ship in need of maintenance somewhere else in the world, LBU Manager contacts one of the 100+ service stations and he makes sure that the job is performed there. In these hundreds of service stations, we have over 1,200 skilled people who are trained and informed about the developments in the turbochargers we have out in the field. That means that they are aware of the latest technology on new platforms, but also, they are aware of the development of platforms which are older, more than 20 years. So, they can always give you the best advice. This global approach is also very handy for the global customers that we have. Shipping is a limited local business. With our global setup we can support our customers anywhere in the world.

P.Doukas: Approximately 200,000 ABB turbochargers are in operation across the globe on ships, power stations, gen-sets, diesel locomotives and large off-highway vehicles. What is your key of success in efficient and effective turbocharging?

R.Bosma: The key of success for ABB Turbocharging is the development of turbochargers related to quality and efficiency with safety in mind. With the latest designs we are pushing boundaries in the areas of efficiency and we also provide platforms for our OEM’s, for the engine builders. We are pushing boundaries and they come up with new ideas. Different and better settings going into environmental friendly areas where they could not go before. One of the examples is the Pressure ratio up to 12 and beyond  75% efficiency on the latest models where we have Power 2. I think, that, is one of the key factors that we have.

P.Doukas: Ship owners look to the long term and always want ways to maximize fuel efficiency. What is the contribution of ABB Turbocharging to this matter?

R.Bosma: Efficiency is on top of ABB’s Turbocharging agenda. Owners can rely on ABB Turbocharging for consistent high levels of application efficiency, safe operations and economic maintenance costs. Offering turbochargers that can have more air for instance can lead to different settings again. That is the reliability and performance enhancement. During the lifetime, we still develop the older platforms and with that we have efficiency increases as well. To achieve these aims, ABB Turbocharging maintains the most able and innovative R&D organization in the turbocharger business.

P.Doukas: Independent study shows ABB turbocharger upgrades further improve engine performance and reduce fuel consumption. Please tell us few words about that.

J.Smyrneos:  An upgrade is the process of replacing an older generation turbocharger or turbocharger component with a new and improved one. By installing a new improved turbocharger or an improved turbocharger component, we can maximize the full potential of the engine. Thus we can achieve higher operational efficiency and less fuel consumption while keeping at the same time very low emissions. Just to summarize, in an upgrade process, there is the possibility to replace either the complete unit or a turbocharger component or make a retrofit, which means that we change from one turbocharger maker to an ABB turbocharger.

P.Doukas: Would you like to say few words about the offices in Greece?

J.Smyrneos: We have a presence in Greece for the last 30 years. We have started as a small team of 2-3 people. We are feeling very happy that we managed to expand, having now a team of 23 people, located in Greece and Cyprus. We have a presence in Cyprus many years already but since 2010 we have a full service unit in Limassol where we can serve local customers by delivering top quality services, Original Parts and Original Service at any time. In Greece, we have also relocated our ABB Turbocharging Service Station in 2012 and we are very proud about being able to provide first class service and support to our marine customers and power plants. Our highly trained personnel along with our sales people in Greece & Cyprus serve our customers with solutions tailored to their business needs. We also provide service outside Greece & Cyprus by using our strong global network. We will continue to support our customers the way we did in the past and keep up investing in our excellent relationship with the market.
P.Doukas: The new record participation at Posidonia, certifies that Greece, as a traditional maritime power, can and should remain the heart of international shipping. Do you believe that Greek shipping will continue to contribute to the national and European economy?

J.Smyrneos: Indeed, the Greek Shipping family is the biggest in the world. Greek shipowners have been contributed to the Greek economy for many years now, and I am very optimistic that they will continue to support the Greek economy in the future as well as the European economy.

Photo (from left) Ioannis Smyrneos, Local Business Unit Manager ABB Turbocharging, Greece & Cyprus - Process Automation - Rolf Bosma, Head of Service Sales ABB Turbocharging, Switzerland & Doukas Panagiotis, Editor in Chief, Nafs

* Ioannis Smyrneos, Local Business Unit Manager ABB Turbocharging, Greece & Cyprus - Process Automation & Rolf Bosma, Head of Service Sales ABB Turbocharging, Switzerland

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