Euploia Drydocks & Services Ltd announces Collaboration with CR Ocean Engineering


On December 1st 2017 Euploia Drydocks & Services Ltd signed a collaboration agreement with CR Ocean Engineering.

Euploia Drydocks and Services Ltd wish to broaden professional horizons by representing Exclusively in Greece one of the most well-established companies in the field of engine exhaust scrubbing systems which are designed for new builds and retrofits with single engines or multistreaming operations.

CR Ocean Engineering ( is a leading company in the design and supply of Scrubbing Systems worldwide. Their system is one of the smallest and most efficient scrubbers on the market with “Open-Tower” Designs available in “Open Loop”, “Closed Loop” or “Hybrid” configurations. CR Ocean Engineering offers two different washwater treatment systems. The first is an advanced centrifuge-based washwater
treatment systems which is proposed as a standard part of the CROE Scrubber. The second is an option a much more advanced membrane filter based system, which is proposed as an option to the base system and is recommended when reduction of sludge volumes is required due to space or disposal cost constraints.

Charis Valentakis, Managing Director of Euploia Drydocks and Services Ltd commented: “This collaboration aligns with our vision to offer to our clients’ high quality systems and services and to broaden our professional horizons. Teaming up with CR Ocean Engineering to engage in CR Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber is an exciting development for our company. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with CR Ocean Engineering. I sincerely hope that this first step will lead to long term collaboration between our companies”.

Nicholas Confuorto, President and Chief Operations Officer of CR Ocean Engineering added: “We are committed to our collaboration with Euploia Drydocks and Services Ltd. Through this Agency Agreement we expect to expand our business in the field of scrubbers in one of the biggest Worldwide Marine Market as it is the Greek Market. We expect to increase our sales in Greece while strengthening our position in the Global
Maritime Market. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with Euploia Drydocks and Services Ltd which will be based on Trust, Performance & Reliability”.


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