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Capital Link's Singapore Maritime Forum


Capitalizing on the long established track record of organizing highly successful large scale maritime conferences in major industry centers around the world, Capital Link Singapore Maritime Forum will take place on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at the Westin Hotel, in Singapore,

in partnership with Columbia Shipmanagement and Singhai Marine Services. The event will be held in conjunction with the Singapore Maritime Week. 


The Forum aims to highlight the significant role of Singapore as the gateway to Asia and the global shipping markets. It will discuss the developments and trends in the energy, commodities, the various shipping sectors, the global financial and capital markets, as well as issues pertaining to regulatory developments, technical and commercial fleet management. The Forum will highlight the competitive positioning and advantages of Singapore as a maritime hub.

The majority of the speakers and panelists are experts and top decision makers from global organizations. They come to Singapore prepared to address critical topics of interest to the industry and to interact with high level executives from the shipping, shipbuilding and finance communities.

As such, attendees of the Capital Link Singapore Maritime Forum can expect a high level of rich industry information and unique networking opportunities with key maritime industry players, including influential members from shipowners, investment and commercial banks, financial leasing companies as well as global traders of major dry bulk and energy commodities in one event.


  • The Global Shipping Markets

Current Developments - Outlook & The Role of Asia.

  • The Maritime Industry - Game Changers

A discussion among leading industry participants on the major regulations that will be in effect in the near future and their potential transformational impact on the industry. The panel will focus mainly on environmental compliance but will also touch upon broader topics such as technological innovation and operational efficiency.

  • Blockchain, Cybersecurity & Digitalization Transforming Shipping
  • Use of Cryptocurrency
  • Protect from Digital Kidnap;
  • Optimize Connectivity & Operational Efficiency;
  • Digital transformation enables new data-driven business development opportunities across marine services
  • The Charterers' Perspective

The Global Shipping, Commodities & Energy Markets.

Shipping is affected by developments in the global commodity and energy markets. The panel will discuss cargo and trading flows, the role of Asia in global trading and the impact on shipping.

  • Singapore as an International Maritime Hub

Private & Public Partnership Moving Shipping Forward.

Singapore has become a major hub for the global shipping industry, a gateway to the Asian and world markets for shipping, commodities and finance. A partnership and close cooperation among government, unions, shipowners and shipmanagers moves the industry forward. The panel will discuss the factors behind this success and what lies ahead.

  • Financial Leasing as Mainstream Finance

Leasing Alternatives Throughout Asia.

Financial Leasing has become a dominant form of ship finance for the Asian & International Shipping Industry. The panel will discuss the outlook for further growth with new market entrants and players, where new capital can come from, what types of deals and owners can quality for leasing and joint ventures between leasing firms & cargo owners. It will also discuss the various financial leasing options available throughout Asia and the experience of shipping companies who have used them.   

  • Global Shipping Banks & The Availability of Finance for the Shipping Industry
  • Banks have been the traditional source of finance for the shipping industry - how major shipping banks deal with new regulatory and market challenges.
  • Is the bank finance market shrinking or growing? Is new capital available for the industry? Who can qualify for bank finance and at what cost and terms?
  • Alternative Finance & Private Equity
  • Are there sources of capital beyond bank finance & financial leasing?
  • New & Alternative Sources of Capital for Projects & Smaller Owners
  • Credit Funds - Debt Finance & Structured Equity - Private Equity
  • Gas Sector
  • Tanker Sector
  • Dry Bulk/Dry Cargo Sector


  • “The Future of Shipping” - A roundtable discussion among industry leaders.

A high-level discussion on the evolution of the shipping industry, the main industry drivers, opportunities and challenges for the shipping industry across the board.

Shipping markets outlook, energy and commodity flows, investment opportunities, access to capital, the impact of technology, operational and regulatory challenges and more.


Ms. Mei Lin Goh, Partner - Watson Farley & Williams


  • Mr. Michael Parker, Industry Head, Global Shipping & Logistics and Chairman, EMEA Corporate Banking – Citi
  • Dr. Martin Stopford, Non-Executive President – Clarkson Research Services Limited
  • Mr. Jeremy Nixon, CEO – Ocean Network Express
  • Dr. Nikos Tsakos, President & CEO – Tsakos Energy Navigation; Chairman – INTERTANKO
  • Mr. Esben Poulsson, Chairman, International Chamber of Shipping; President – Singapore Shipping Association; Executive Chairman -ENESEL


To register please visit the link below:


Ship Brokers • Ship Owners • Ship Managers • Ship Operators • Charterers • Risk Insurers • Arbitrators • Marine Technology Experts • Commercial Bankers • Investment Bankers • Private Equity Firms • Financial Analysts • Financial Planners • Securities Analysts • P&I Club Executives • Lawyers and Insurers • Financial Leasers • Retail and Institutional Brokers • Flag Registries • Financial Press & Media


AAL Shipping • ABN AMRO • AET Tanker • Ardmore Shipping • Bilsea Group • BIMCO • BW LPG • Cargill • Citi • Clarkson Research Services Limited • Columbia Marlow • Commonwealth Bank of Australia • D’Amico International Shipping • Dr. Peters Group • Drewry • Drewry Maritime Financial Research • DVB Bank • ENESEL • Eniram – A Wartsila Company • Epic Gas • Fearngas (Singapore) Pte Ltd • Fourth Insurance Office, Inc. • GGL Asset Management • Golden Stena • Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. • Holman Fenwick, Willan • HSH Nordbank • ICBC Financial Leasing • International Chamber of Shipping • INTERTANKO • Invest HK • ITF • Mayer Brown JSM • Meerbaum Capital Solutions Inc. • Miclyn Express Offshore • MPA • Navig8 Group • Noble • NORD L/B • NorthCape Pte Ltd • Ocean Network Express • Pacific Basin • Pacific Gas • Pacific International Lines (PTE) Ltd • PortCDM Council • Ridgebury Tankers • RightShip • RISE Viktoria • Singapore Shipping Association • Singhai Marine Services • Stephenson Harwood • Stifel Financial Corp. • Storm Capital Partners • Taiping & Sinopec Financial Leasing Co., Ltd • Tototheo Maritime RIC • Trafigura • Transport Capital Pte Ltd • Tsakos Energy Navigation • Watson Farley & Williams 


IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Columbia Shipmanagement Singhai Marine Services 


GLOBAL LEAD SPONSOR: Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd.

GLOBAL GOLD SPONSORS: Clay Maitland • Columbia Shipmanagement • Tototheo Maritime

GLOBAL SPONSORS: ABN AMRO • citi • DVB • Fourth Insurance Office Inc. • Nord LB • Watson Farley & Williams EVENT SPONSORS: Eniram a Wartsila Company • HFW • HSH NORDBANK • Invest HK • Mayer Brown • Meerbaum Capital Solutions Inc. • Stephenson Harwood (Singapore) Alliance

SUPPORTING SPONSORS: AAL • D’Amico International Shipping S.A. • Epic Gas • Gauci-Maistre Xynou • The Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. • Navig8 • Ridgebury Tankers

COCKTAIL SPONSORS: seAcAre • Singapore Organization of Seamen

MEDIA PARTNERS: Asia Oil and Gas • cnss.com.cn • www.gangkouquan.com • Lloyd’s List • Marine Circle • www.marino-world.com • Maritime Executive • www.chineseshipping.com.cnwww.ship.sh • Ship2Shore • Ship Management • www.sol.com.cn • TradeWinds • WorldOils • XD Xinde Marine News

SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS: BIMCO • Shanghai Shipbrokers Association • International Chamber of Shipping • seAcAre • Seamaster • Singapore Organization of Seamen • Singapore Shipping Association  


For further information, please contact:

NEW YORK // Mrs. Olga Bornozi & Mrs. Eleni Bej

Tel. +1 212 661 75 66 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

For more details and extensive information, please visit:


The CAPITAL LINK website: www.capitallink.com 

The CAPITAL LINK FORUM website: www.capitallinkforum.com

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