Global 0.5% sulfur compliance is no problem for CROE® scrubbers

With the 0.1% sulfur ECA already in place and the new global 0.5% coming into play in 2020, many shipowners are wondering if scrubbers can adjust to the new rules.

  CR OCEAN ENGINEERING L.L.C. (www.croceanx.com) announces that their CROE® exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) have the ability to automatically adjust the stack emissions to meet equivalency from 0.1%S or 0.5%S without any modifications.  The system is designed to self-adjust to always use the optimum amount of reagent or seawater while meeting the sulfur stack equivalency at any time.  Mr. Nicholas Confuorto, President and Chief Operations Officer of CR Ocean Engineering LLC., said that “our clients do not have to be concerned about systems needing adjustments or modifications as the global 0.5%S comes into play. 
"All of our systems are already designed with the ability to automatically adjust their optimum operation to meet such requirements and do so efficiently and cost effectively. The system’s components automatically adjust to what is needed to always achieve the required compliance at the optimum operating level. ” 
This advanced CROE® scrubbing technology is a perfect fit for new ships and as retrofit to existing ships.  The Closed Loop and Hybrid system provided by CROE® also incorporate a state of the art purge water treatment technology allowing the vessels to meet stringent water discharge requirements.  The CROE® scrubbing systems are available in multiple configurations to meet the vessel’s specific needs: a) as a once through scrubber, also known and "Open Loop"; b) as a recirculating scrubber, also known as "Closed Loop", and c) as a combination of both designs, also known as "Hybrid."  Each configuration can then be supplied as individual in-line design or as multi-stream.   The CROE® system does not require a bypass.  Its small size minimizes ship modification and makes this technology an excellent choice for cruise ships, ferries, bulk carriers, containerships, RoRo and others.  Several CROE® systems are now operating successfully on various type of vessels.  All operating CROE® scrubbers are meeting sulfur equivalency requirements.  Among the CR OCEAN ENGINEERING clients one can find notable leaders such as Royal Caribbean, STENA and others.

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