HMM to Adopt Cloud-based Next-generation System

HMM announced today that it is adopting Cloud-based next-generation system. Cloud system is an information technology that is actively embraced in various industries, but concerns persisted as to various risks such as data security and leakage.

However, as to the enhanced level of security, stability and cost-saving effects of Cloud system compared to On-Premise system – where the user owns and voluntarily manages the server, data center, and resources – Cloud adoption has been gradually increasing among various global corporations. One of the greatest advantages of Cloud system is that it provides swift and stable information technology services and environment to all users of the system.

HMM aims for full and maximized adoption of the Cloud system by 2020 and expects to upgrade the level of internal and external customers’ satisfaction through improved speed and stability of the service. It also expects to see a great efficiency in information technology expense that it uses.

Furthermore, adoption of Cloud system will provide easier application of new technology such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and other crucial Fourth Industrial Revolution related technologies. 

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are some of the global corporates providing Cloud services and HMM plans to select one of the Cloud service providers after a thorough review.

HMM’s next-generation system and technology consultant, EY Consulting commented “This IT revolution will be HMM’s driving force to be one of the world’s top competitive carriers, and it will become a role model in Shipping/Logistics IT revolution and digitization.”

HMM has been focusing on its Cloud-based next-generation System establishment since last year and has hired new professional employees with IT career experiences in February this year.

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