More than 4,000 volunteers participate in HELMEPA’s Voluntary Cleanups’ Campaign

According to data received so far, over 100 cleanups of beaches, the seabed and land areas were carried out with the participation of 4,350 volunteers in many parts of Greece, in the framework of the European Cleanup Day, coordinated by HELMEPA between 5 - 25 May 2017.

Especially extensive was the participation of schoolchildren-members of the “HELMEPA Junior” and “Cadets” programs from Kindergartens, Elementary and High Schools in various parts of the country. Other participants include HELMEPA member-companies, Local Authorities, Coast Guard officers, educational institutions, diving centers, local associations, cultural organizations and citizens of all ages.

In Attica, on 12 May, the Metropolitan College of Piraeus, an associate Member of HELMEPA, organized the cleanup of Achinos beach in Piraeus. On 13 May, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, also an associate Member, cleaned Kavouri beach and on the same day, students of St. Catherine's British School, members of “HELMEPA Cadets”, cleaned the east side of the beach and forest area of Schinias. The students were informed by representatives of the Management Body of the National Park of Schinias/Marathonas about the local ecosystem and following, they digitally recorded the litter they collected by using the Marine LitterWatch apllication.

On 20 Μay, the staff of Seaworld Management & Trading Inc., an associate member of HELMEPA, cleaned the beach of Varkiza. Following, on 23 May, HELMEPA associate Members Environmental Protection Engineering SA and Society for the Promotion of Education and Training, with the participation of pupils from the Arsakeio-Tositseio Elementary School of Ekali, set-out on the west side of the beach and forest area of Schinias.

On 25 May, upon the initiative of the Sailing Club of Kea and following the invitation by the Municipality, HELMEPA coordinated the cleanup of Korissia beach with the participation of pupils of the local Elementary School, who were informed on the marine litter problem.

On 26 May, the scheduled beach cleanup of Votsalakia, on the occasion of the “Sea Days” initiative of the Municipality of Piraeus and with the participation of children-members of “HELMEPA Junior” from the 14th Elementary School of Piraeus, did not take place due to the morning rainstorm. However, the kids had the opportunity to be informed about the importance of pollution prevention by a representative of HELMEPA, who visited their school, at the Kaminia area. The young volunteers spoke with enthusiasm and pride about their environmental activities and their efforts to sensitize everybody in their neighborhood to love and respect the environment.

Commemorative Participation Diplomas are awarded to the coordinators of the cleanups and participating schoolchildren and youth. The total results from the processing of data cards will be published following the conclusion of the scheduled actions. HELMEPA wholeheartedly congratulates all volunteers, kids and adults, for sending once again a positive message for Clean Seas and Beaches.

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