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GloEn-Patrol: All the developments of the Ballast Water Management System of PANASIA

Ballast Water Management System of PANASIA, GloEn-Patrol, is a technical combination of filtration and ultra violet disinfection.

PANASIA owns all technologies for filter and ultra violet disinfection unit achieving strong points in fastest feedback on technological issues and spare parts cost control. As a frontier in BWMS field, PANASIA has achieved contracts of 1,025 equipment of which 773 was provided.

PANASIA has its own subsidiary called PANASIA E&S (Engineering and Service) which devoted only for BWMS retrofit construction from A to Z. PANASIA does not avoid taking responsibility in retrofit construction suggesting the condition that PANASIA shall take at least project management who can control all stake holders in lieu of customers. All experienced engineers in PANASIA E&S can control on-board 3D scanning survey, reverse designing, pipe and cable procurement, installation control and supervision depending on customers’ selection.

PANASIA is now operating 3 training centers in Greece, Estonia and U.S.A. in which theoretical and practical exercise with real BWMS is available. And PANASIA launches its own CBT (Computer Based Training) software to decrease crews’ misoperation and lead them to deep knowledge on all parts of the system in preparation for PSC inspection.

Followings are brief explanations about advantages of PANASIA GloEn-Patrol BWMS.

1.    Physical treatment type : UV is physical treatment type that is free from corrosion concerns and safety concerns. And GloEn-Patrol doesn’t require chemical storage inside vessel.
2.    No dependence on water salinity & temperature : performance and power consumption of electrolysis type BWTS varies greatly depending on sea water salinity & temperature. Especially in fresh water, the type must be equipped with brine take that requires more space & regular brine supply
3.    Neutralizing material : electrolysis BWMS technology.
4.    Lowest maintenance cost : GloEn-Patrol innovatively reduces maintenance cost by increasing UV lamp life time up to 4,000 hours and reducing regular maintenance points.
5.    TSS (Total Suspended Solid) : This aims to see the weight(mg) of particles in water (per lilter) by evaporating sample water to leave particles inside. This criterion has been utilized to estimate the performance of UV light because particles in water can reflect or absorb UV light disturbing its penetration. IMO CONVENTION 2004 & ETV Protocol for USCG simultaneously chose TSS as one of main criterion of water quality. Both set the standard of TSS as 50mg/L but our system was tested around 650mg/L condition at maximum and ICS declared at BWT Technical Cooperation 2015 at Busan on 3~4 Nov, 2015 “system must be operated under 600+ TSS value.
6.    Explosion Proof Certified : GloEn-Patrol is certified its explosion proof function by DNV ATEX & DNV IEC-Ex.
7.    Automatic Power Control : GloEn-Patrol controls its power consumption in three kinds of levels to save as much power as possible by detecting UV intensity.
8.    MP(Medium Pressure) UV application : Comparing to Low Pressure UV lamp that emits short wavelength, MPUV can emits various wavelengths in which large types of organisms are subject to elimination.
9.    PANASIA has carried out USCG Type Approval Tests under FDA/CMFDA biological testing method and will achieve the Type Approval by end of 2017.
10.    PANASIA USCG Type Approval will target 24 hours holding time with which owners are free from any concerns on short voyage.
11.    Smallest amount of water loss in back flushing : Comparing to competitors, GloEn-Filter’s amount of water loss for Back-Flushing is just 0.1~2 % of total flow rate. Large water loss contributes to total cargo unloading time extension.
12.    PANASIA BWMS is already reviewed as the system that can meet new G8.

** BPCO LTD, represents exclusively PANASIA CO in Greece.

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