GreenOil Standard: BACK TO BASICS! – Oil filtration solutions


The unique system yield’s a new top-class standard for water and particle ltration in oils.

Using an old and basic ltration technology, developed after years of testing for today’s modern tasks utilizes compressed layers of woven sheep’s wool with impressive results. Particle ltration combined with the most ef cient water separator on the market, ensuring oil quality which bene ts owners and operators by extending the lifetime of oil and lowering maintenance and oil replacement costs.
Engine Lubrication Oil treatment
GreenOil’s unique ltration system is an alternative to replacement of the conventional puri er/separator, it removes the ner soot particles and reduces insolubles to nearly zero. Removing combustible contaminants from the engine’s cylinder liner and other rotating parts better protects the en- gine. With impressive results GreenOil extends the oil life time reducing the need to change the oil. Performance approved by OEMs.
Stern tube and Thruster Oil treatment
Lubrication oil has historically been used in stern tube and thrusters. Today new EAL Bio oils are being used due to operators having to meet the latest US environmental require- ments. Bio oils are expensive to replace. A GreenOil system will maintain good oil quality and the lifetime of the lubrication or bio oil is increased 2-4 times giving a return of investment in only just a few months. Performance approved by OEMs.
Hydraulic Oil treatment
Oils used in hydraulic equipment can form part of either a low or a high pressure system. In both types of systems and more so in a pressurized system, water build up can have a huge effect on the operation of equipment. Installing a GreenOil ltration system will separate the particles, remove all water in the system and keep the oil in a dry and good quality condi- tion. Performance approved by OEMs.

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