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MEGATUGS, a Greek family business at Posidonia 2018


MEGATUGS is a Greek family business that was founded in 1978.

It is devoted to providing quality services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, utilising the extensive expertise and know-how of our staff. Our fields of operations are:
    ●    Harbour & Ocean Towage
    ●    Salvage Operations
    ●    Wreck Removal  
    ●    Antipollution Services
    ●    Underwater Services
We maintain stations in the two ports in Greece, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, from which we are able to respond rapidly to any emergency or commercial towage operation in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Red Sea areas. The company is recognised as an international salvor of repute.
Our fleet consists of various types of tug, all fully Classed by IACS Classification Societies and able to cover a wide range of emergency cases.
During the last two years we added four modern salvage tugs to our fleet:
PANTOKRATOR 4,052 BHP - 55 tons bollard pull, PANTANASSA 4,052 BHP - 52 tons bollard pull, PLATYTERA 3,872 BHP - 51 tons bollard pull, and MEGALOCHARI VII 4,930 BHP – 68 tons bollard pull. We also purchased a modern barge CLARE (LOA: 76.25 M, breadth: 24.38 M) to support our salvage services.
Our strategy goal is to operate a fleet of modern, flexible and efficient tugs, all fully equipped and maintained to the highest standards. The fleet is expanding, with the strategic renewal of the tugs being a key part of our business plan. Our crews and staff are well trained, experienced and motivated, with customer satisfaction being our main goal.
We constantly invest in the most up-to-date technology and equipment for our services in pollution control to ensure that we keep up with the ever-increasing demand and standards for environmental protection.
Our tugs are equipped with FiFi 1 (2.400 m3/hour) firefighting systems, which is crucial for efficiently handling shipboard fires.
Apart from our presence in the tug sector, we provide a full range of underwater services through our company, MEGADIVE.
We are able to provide a full range of services in emergency response, commercial towage and offshore projects both in Greece and abroad.
The projects we have handled in the last two years include:
May 2016: NOVA CURA - Grounding on Mitilini Island
September 2016: SAFFET BEY - Grounding in Neapolis, Peloponnesos
November 2016: ANTAIOS – Immobilised off Cape Town
February 2017: BELLATRIX - Grounding on Mitilini Island
April 2017: USICHEM – Immobilised off Rhodes island
June 2017: ST. GREGORY - Grounding in Kokkala, Peloponnese
January to October 2017: CABRERA - Wreck removal and pollution control
January 2018: LITTLE SEYMA - pollution control

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