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One step closer to having international standards for carriage of offshore technicians

On Friday, the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) took one important step forward in its work to develop international standards for the carriage of offshore

technicians, for example in connection with activities within the field of offshore wind energy.

More specifically, the Committee adopted interim recommendations on safe carriage of offshore technicians. In addition, the Committee agreed on a definition of these technicians – so-called industrial personnel – which inter alia covers wind turbine technicians. The new recommendations propose, inter alia, that the member States stipulate minimum requirements for the technicians' safety training level as well as requirements for a health certificate.

As a follow-up on today's decision, the IMO also agreed on a future long-term process for the development of a common international safety standard before 2024.

Director Per Sønderstrup from the Danish Maritime Authority:
”This is an important step when it comes to establishing international standards for the offshore industry and consequently a level playing field also in, for example, the North Sea. At the same time, it is an acknowledgement that there is a need for common offshore safety training standards. Today, many wind turbine technicians have completed safety training due to industry standards, but the definition is a decisive step in the development of a harmonised, international safety standard for offshore vessels. The definition takes account of the special operational patterns and risk profile of this type of vessels."

Offshore vessels carry, for example, wind turbine technicians.

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